Conversations with Trish “Trishtheish” Ignacio

Tell us a bit more about your work:    

I am a multifaceted trainer. I can train 1-1 settings or do boot camps for hundreds of people. Being a mom, I’m now able to fully relate to mothers trying to get their bodies ready for pregnancy (they call me baby maker) or helping heal the body from multiple pregnancies. Understanding the stages of postpartum is very important.     

I train all age groups, kids to seniors, athletes or people with disabilities. I love it all. My strength is helping people find their own strength by accepting and loving their bodies. My motto is “You don’t have to work out, you get to workout” very different mindset.     

I’m most proud of always being open to trying new things and the thirst for knowledge. I am back to school to obtain my BSN in nursing. This is the next step in bringing more value to my clients by being as knowledgeable as possible.