Hello, I’m Trish!

My name is Trish Ignacio. Welcome to my world. Here you will learn how to love working out, but more importantly, how to really and truly love yourself. My mission is to empower each and every one of you to live your truest and most authentic life. Through whatever challenges you are facing we will work together to make you a stronger person and in turn you will be able to strengthen others. I believe in you. Lets make your life better so that we can make the world better.

At 18 years old I became a parent to three amazing girls. These girls were not my biological kids; they were my sisters. When my parents separated, they both left us and I was left to take care of my sisters. I would take my siblings to school and help to pick them up. At a young age, I learned to be responsible not just for myself, but for others as well. I had no problem taking care of my sisters. They were my world and I would do anything for them. Playing volleyball during this time really helped me to keep my sanity. I played in high school and was recruited to play in college. Unfortunately, with both parents gone, and having to support myself and my sisters, I only ended up playing for one year. I had to work. It was either play volleyball, or starve and I became a provider.

I thought not having either parent around was difficult, but it wasn’t really until the loss of my aunt to cancer that reality really hit me. She was like a mother to me and in the midst of dealing with her death, my 4 year relationship with my boyfriend also ended. I was devastated. Neglect set in and I turned to partying and alcohol as my means of relief.

I quickly gained about 30lbs and couldn’t believe it. I had always been super fit while playing volleyball, so this type of change was very new to me. I became depressed and felt insecure. Thinking I had a possible thyroid issue I saw the doctor. She told me that it was STRESS that was affecting me. I told her that I didn’t feel stressed; I mean what’s a 22 year old have to be stressed about? I told her everything that had happened, with my parents divorcing, my aunt’s passing, and my breakup. I realized that I was so good at suppressing my emotions that it had started to take a toll on me physically.

Then, just when I thought the storm had passed, I injured my knee. My ACL and meniscus were torn. I had been struck by lighting one last time.

But these were all blessings in disguise…

Looking back, I realize that God had put me in all of these situations. He was preparing me for something great. I couldn’t play volleyball due to my injury, so I turned my time and attention to working out and to fitness. I worked with several trainers and slowly started to drop the extra weight I had put on. Through this process my passion for health and fitness really started to blossom. Slowly, I regained my self confidence. I vividly remember being able to once again fit into my jeans after months of wearing only leggings. I had cried so hard from happiness and still remember how good that had felt to this day. I became addicted to the feeling of victory and I decided to help others feel the same way. For my 24th birthday, I promised myself that I would take all of my past hurt and pain and use it for a greater good. That year I became a trainer and I haven’t looked back since.

Since then I have expanded my training business and have built solid relationships with all of my clients. Many of my very first clients still train with me today. I feel a deep love and care for everyone with whom I work. I don’t see them as customers; I see them as friends. They are true friends for whom I care.

I am thankful to be able to share my passion with others and to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I know that together we can accomplish anything you set your heart on. Let’s do this.


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