By Divine P.

For us Filipino Americans, Manny Pacquiao embodies what most of us aspire to be. He’s little, but he’s got agility and strength that is unparalleled by any other fighter.

Boxing is not only a test of speed and strength, but it can be quite therapeutic. I find that with each punch into a sandbag bigger than myself, I feel better and better. It’s also a good thing that you’re not punching the person you’re actually angry at J Some of the other benefits of boxing include better hand-eye coordination, decreased stress levels, and a development in your body composition. And it’s just hella fun punching the shit out of something sometimes!

Since we are only 8 days away from Thanksgiving, we suggest that you make sure you eat healthy for the next few days and keep up with your workouts so you can indulge with your family, but try to not overdo it, like with anything in life. Drink that water and do them squats.

*thumbnail photo by Kem West