By Divine P.

It was 10AM on a Saturday and my sister dragged me to a workout class that she didn’t want to attend by her lonesome.

We pulled into the parking lot, checked in at the studio, and went into a room where class was going to be held. The minute I walked in, I already began to feel hot and sticky.

After a 90-minute class, I didn’t think I would enjoy Bikram Yoga as much as I did. While it is incredibly difficult, I always feel better knowing that I was able to push my body to do rather uncomfortable stretches (for me, at least) while dripping in sweat.

For our first Workout Wednesday, we suggest yoga!

To me, yoga has had incredible effects on my mental and physical health. Not only does it help me push my body to the limit, but it also helps me to practice the art of mindfulness.

Here at Trish the Ish, we believe that your body is a temple that should be adored and admired through physical fitness. We want to hear some of what you guys do to get your blood running!

*thumbnail via E! News Online