By Divine P.

It was a relatively warm fall Wednesday morning in Fullerton, California and I was clad in gray sweatpants, a black sweater, and Nike running shoes with my black hair tied up in a messy bun. I parked my car on the fourth floor of the parking structure and quickly got out of it to run to my 8 am class. It was biology, I think. I put my keys into my green and brown backpack and headed for the staircase at the left corner of the fourth floor.

Lucky for me, I was attentive enough that morning (sans caffeine) to quickly get out of the way when a small silver car was backing up and nearly hit me as I was walking. 

Times like these, when I’ve had close calls and near death experiences, I really wonder why haven’t I died yet? Why am I on this earth still?

By asking myself why? I realize this: maybe I do have a purpose…

Why do I do what I do? I read and write because I love to hear and tell stories, whether they’re meant to entertain or to inspire.


(image via Trish Ignacio @trishtheish)

Simon Sinek is an incredible author who has written multiple books with the goal of inspiring others to find their purpose and live a life fulfilled.

For Motivational Monday, we’re reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek and we want you to join us!

Start With Why includes success tales and also explores what it is that businesses and influential people have where they can communicate inspiring ideas and messages to other people.

Here at Trish the Ish, we want YOU to ask yourself why? From the simplest and the craziest situations, why do you do what you do?

We want to hear your inspiring stories of why you do what you do! Share it with us!