By Divine P.

In a little over eight months, 26-year-old Justin Hemaidan of Glendale, California went from 315 lbs to 185 lbs.

“I got into this beautiful four year relationship and let comfort get the best of me. You could say I fell in love with comfort and over the past few years, I gained an excessive amount of weight.”


(image via Justin Hemaidan IG @justinhemaidan)

Justin’s epiphany came when he ordered numerous items at Taco Bell. Quickly realizing how bad he felt after consuming it, he cut out junk food completely and began eating clean with the help of meal prepping with friends and EATnaked.LA.

He lost 50 lbs in three months just by eating healthy and had to go to Macy’s every two weeks just to buy new jeans, but with ankle and back issues, his doctor suggested that he get active. In addition to eating healthy everyday, he trains five days a week and juggles a full time job with it, too. Every Sunday, he preps his meals for the week.

At his heaviest and even at his weight now, Justin has always remained humble, positive, and mentally strong. With his soft-spoken voice and a beaming smile that could be seen from miles away, Justin says, “just because I was 300 lbs, I wasn’t a sad person.” It’s quite evident, upon meeting Justin, that he has a great energy that easily transfers to the people around him.

justin(image via Divine Paguio)

These days, Justin wants to help other people mentally and physically. He recently began posting positive messages on his social media and would like to dedicate his time helping others make a positive change in their life through a new lifestyle brand he created called Undivided Fitness. Even though he has lost all this weight, he feels his journey isn’t over.

“I want to shock the world. I want people to say, ‘what did he do in a year?’”

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